Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ethics in the Eagle Tribune

Did anyone else notice in the Alabama Eagle~Tribune's story on Ethics among elected officials on Sunday quoted Lawrence Council President Patrick Blanchette without mentioning that he had his city council office renovated out of the DPW budget, all the while he was calling for the firing of John Griffin for having his office renovated out of someone else's budget???
Well, I guess the Trib isn't going to tell you that now because they never covered the story when it happened. ONly the Valley Patriot covered THAT story.
Did anyone notice they didn't mention Blanchette had his own street paved at 200% the original bid?
Isn't it hysterical that the Tribune goes out of their way to quote Blanchette on ETHICS (of all things) without mentioning HIS conflicts of interest and ethics questions! How come they didn't mntion how many ethics complaints Blanchette has filed? It's called journalism, and the Trib is doing a sloppy job at it while they bend over backwards (forward?) to ease the coming blows out of the ethics commission.
Just to top it all off, then Mark Vogler (Blanchette's press boy) quotes him in a story about TREES in Lawrence... LMAO, I guess Mr. Vogler couldn't find any other relevant city officials to interview so he just threw another bone to Blanchette to give him more ink.
Why was there no mention of the fact that Blanchette has been advocating for the LOWEST bidders on property the city is disposing of?
Maybe they should rename the Eagle~Tribune to "Patrick's Pravda!"

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Former Ex-Officio said...

Your kidding me, isn't this the same guy who said we couldn't go over budget on the Library Carpet in 2005? He was appalled when he heard that the "Ugly Orange" Library Carpeting that was getting replaced was 3 times what was projected when they went to Bond 3 years previous.

Then he placed in on the B&F meeting - go look at the minutes -wasted many people time as meeting was called at midnight maybe because Kolofoles kept talking or everyone left and had enough.

Maybe that is why he went 2x times on his own street. Was the Sidewalks Orange prior to the re-do of the street - ummmm?